VIDEO Tiny Painting 2

Another little painting in my sketchbook at a local café! This sketchbook is a Stillman & Birn Beta series sketchbook and it is easily my favorite for painting on-the-go!


I’m So Excited for New Territory!

I had a surreal moment this week: I scheduled all of the pages for chapter 1 of my comic*. All of the pages. They are drawn, inked, edited, lettered, and scheduled. There is no more work for me to do on chapter 1.

I’ve been working on this comic for years. Originally, it was in short story format, and then novel, and now as a graphic novel. Even as a comic, there are have been many rounds of drawing and re-drawing, and constantly second guessing myself. The courage to “do and let be” is something that I struggle with. I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, so much as a “finish-phobe.”

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Wispy Watercolor

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you had a good week!

I’ve been wanting to add more portraits to my portfolio, so I’ve been working on some this week. I’ll be sharing them throughout the week!

First up, this one, titled “Wispy”


If you’re interested, the original is available for purchase in my store!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

30 Day Challenge Wk 3: March of OCs

Week 3 has now come and gone! Comparing to first few paintings, I can tell that I’ve gotten more confident when it comes to using thick layers of paint, rather than thin, watery layers.

Only a few days left! I’ll have to come up with a new painting challenge for April… Any suggestions?