VIDEO Comic Page Inking

Hello, everyone! We’re quickly approaching the end of August, and nearing the end of chapter 1 of my comic! I’m working like a crazy person on chapter 2, and I thought I’d share a brief look into how I ink a page. Enjoy!


VIDEO Tiny Painting 2

Another little painting in my sketchbook at a local café! This sketchbook is a Stillman & Birn Beta series sketchbook and it is easily my favorite for painting on-the-go!

VIDEO Gouache Timelapse | Lefores


Here’s another gouache painting! I enjoyed the blue-ish hair in the last post, so I decided to do again for this fella! He was originally (back in 2000) blonde, but whatever!

For my next video, I will finally break away from the soft pastel colors! I was nervous, but I think I pulled it off. Make sure you follow me so you can see it when it goes up!


Do you like these shorter videos with just music, or do you prefer the longer ones with talking?

OR should I do short ones with talking? Hmmm???