VIDEO Colored Inks and Artistic Fear

Well I did it! I finally produced a new YouTube video! I felt that an appropriate topic would be fear of failure… since that’s the main reason I haven’t produced a video till now! Please check out the video, and leave a comment with any suggestions for improvements or future topics!

5 thoughts on “VIDEO Colored Inks and Artistic Fear

    1. For this, I’m using Bristol paper. Heavy weight and very smooth! Most watercolor papers would also work. For me, I have a variety of sizes in round and flat, but one round brush (for lines) and one flat brush (for larger spaces) is a good start!

    1. “Color Harmony in Your Paintings” by Margaret Kessler is by far my favorite resource for color theory! It covers a good range from basic to advanced, so I get something new out of it every time I use it.
      (She can get a bit specific and technical with her paint, but it’s still a super overview!)

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