30 Day Challenge Wk 1: March of OCs




Can you believe it’s the 3rd month of 2018?? January and February seemed to slip by so fast! Here in Illinois, I’m watching the incredibly insane weather shift from snow to sun to rain and back all in the course of a single day. So crazy and unpredictable! Just to play it safe, I’ll spend my free time inside painting.

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to really step up my color work… meaning make colored work period. Specifically, I want to really get better at painting with gouache, so I decided to give myself a 30 day challenge for the month: 30 gouache studies of my very own OCs!

What is an OC, you ask?
An OC is internet shorthand for Original Character. These are fictional folks (new hashtag?) who exist in the imaginations of writers and artists alike. I’ve been inventing OCs since very young age, so for this month I’m taking a walk down Pretend Memory Lane and revisiting some of the characters I love most.

And yes, there are 31 days in March. But I’m giving myself 1 free day just because I’m nice like that! If you decide to draw or paint your characters, I’d love to see them! Use the hashtag #MarchofOCs on Instagram so I can check them out!

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